Thameslink Great Northern Logo
On 14th September 2014; the First Capital Connect franchise was taken over by Govia as a forerunner to the enlarged Southern franchise.
The franchise routes are being run as two distinct identities: “Thameslink” and “Great Northern”.


Table NoRouteSep-14Dec-14May-15May-16
1All Great Northern Servicesherehere
2Letchworth Garden City, Hertford North, London (Stopping services)herehereherehere
3Stevenage, Welwyn Garden City, Londonherehereherehere
4Peterborough, Hitchin, Stevenage, Welwyn Garden City, Londonherehereherehere
5Cambridge, Letchworth Garden City, Londonherehereherehere
6Letchworth Garden City, Hitchin, Stevenage, Hertford North, Londonherehereherehere
7Cambridge, London (Direct)herehereherehere
8King's Lynn, Ely, Cambridge, Londonherehereherehere
9Stevenage, Hertford North, Welwyn Garden City, Londonherehereherehere
10All Thameslink Servicesherehere
11Bedford, Luton, London, Wimbledon, Sevenoaks, Gatwick, Brightonherehereherehere
12Luton, St Albans City, London, Wimbledon, Gatwick, Brightonherehereherehere
13Bedford, Luton, London, Gatwick, Brightonherehereherehere
14London, Wimbledon, Sutton, London (Loop)herehereherehere
15Bedford, London, Sevenoaksherehereherehere